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Pieriboni Ventures carries out activities in the field of intellectual property. The management of information and its confidentiality is the basis of business relationships. All content on the site is confidential and owned by Pieriboni Ventures.


​​Pieriboni Ventures produces intangible assets with the aim of creating value and innovative content for tangible goods, communication projects and branding projects. Intangible assets are produced on the basis of technical, aesthetic or communication requirements and must represent a distinct focus on style, design and intellectual property.

The four working points.

Intellectual property,
intangible assets.

During a project’s development, there is complete attention to all elements that, starting with the value of an intangible asset, may have intellectual property value. In the case of intellectual property or specifically in the area of patents, is activated a development process aimed at recognising and defining rights.

Design, elegance, technicality,
behind every line.

The aesthetic part of an element, be it immaterial or material, is carefully handled in terms of form and finish as a tool that visually tells the audience of the commitment to creating charm and prestige.

Exploring new forms and solutions, and how to realise them.

Knowledge of production techniques and processes, gained in different and specific fields, allows looking at a new project from various angles. This helps evaluate where conventional production limits can be modified, tested and crossed in order to achieve new results.

Moving knowledge forward.
Then communicate it.

Direct contact between the development areas of a project allows perceiving the intensity and importance of each technical, aesthetic or concept solution used. This aspect leads to content that generates empathy and highlights the personality and authenticity of the final result.

A systematic approach.

Tradition, innovation, lifestyle.

​All development activities related to a project are constantly monitored and coordinated with each other. A systematic and structured approach offers creative, intuitive and evaluative skills a more immersive and proactive learning experience. Having a clear knowledge and vision of the solutions to be adopted makes their application flowing and fascinating.

Tradition, innovation, lifestyle.

Pieriboni Ventures is the owner of WineExperience.Style brand and the rights of its associated projects and products. WineExperience.Style uses know-how that combines processing from the jewellery sector, precision mechanics and craftsmanship. Each content is designed to create prestige, charm and to be a lifestyle complement.


Pieriboni Ventures also develops intangible assets for external projects.


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